About Us

NY Acres, Inc. is a definitive joint venture between mCig, Inc. and the FarmOn! Foundation of Empire Farm. The cultivation process will start immediately on the initial harvest of 40 acres, allowing for a second harvest in late fall. The program will expand each year over 3 years, scaling up to 120 acres of organic industrial bi-annually.

Ny Acres, Inc., is uniquely located on the corner of three states, New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Empire Farm is a certified organic 220-acre working farm, home to the FarmOn! Foundation, founded in 1830 and associated with the Astor family. Nestled in an agricultural community in the heart of the Columbia County, the FarmOn! Academy is in partnership with SUNY and Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, providing young adults the opportunity to learn agriculture on an established working farm. Now home to NY Acres, Inc., the farm also offers 4 four-season heated hi-tunnel greenhouses lending its rich ‘black gold’ soil, suitable for cultivation.

With the support of the State of New York, the Department of Agriculture and Governor Andrew Cuomo to give mid-size farms the opportunity to approach sustainability beyond organic practices for profitability, this will be an economic driver and opportunity for young adults to learn to earn on an organic working farm.

Our Mission

What sets this NY Acres apart from any other that currently farms industrial is its mission based program, high visibility, recruiting and training beginning farmers on scholarship fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of agriculture as an economic driver. Filling the succession gap in farms for economic development, health and wellness mindful of community, commerce and sustainability to preserve the family farm.